Reflekt Colours

Discover the very best high-gloss acrylic surface. Reflekt is a breakthrough product in high-gloss acrylic panels that delivers three innovations in mirror gloss surfaces:

-The most scratch resistant high-gloss surface available
-Impeccable surface consistency
-Color richness that enhances depth and clarity


Premier’s revolutionary Reflekt high gloss is the first 5-piece acrylic door on the market. Doors are available in our 16 Reflekt colors options with matching laser edgebanding. The stiles and rails are 3” wide and ¾” in thickness. Center panels can be either matching high-gloss acrylic or glass inserts.

The 3” stiles and rails are laser edgebanded to create a seamless look from panel to edge. When the Reflekt high-gloss frame and panel insert are assembled together, the five pieces create dimension with the modern look of mirror gloss, but in the traditional shaker door style. This high-gloss acrylic 5-piece door developed by Premier expands design opportunities beyond what the market is offering in high-gloss products.

Reflekt high-gloss acrylic surface perfect for modern interior design in cabinetry, vanities, closets, commercial office environments, store fixtures and displays. The impeccable surface consistency of Reflekt is the most scratch resistant acrylic available in the market utilizing a proprietary UV Hardcoat process on the acrylic surface. The hardcoat acrylic sheet is laminated with a thin layer of heated PUR (Reactive-polyurethane) to our PureCore™ premium MDF material in our Class 100 cleanroom to guarantee the finished product is as perfect as technologically possible.

Door edging*

parapan colors

Parapan is a high gloss solid surface material that is water, UV and fade resistant. This easy to maintain, environmentally friendly material brings contemporary European design to a whole new level. Available in 20 colors, you will be able to find something that matches your style. Best of all this incredible material is fabricated right here in the USA.

*Door edging is only available with Level doors.